Airborne Aviation Aircraft Charter

Aircraft charter is available to and from just about anywhere in Australia!

Charter Flights

Chartering an aircraft is about convenience...

  • Your own dedicated aircraft and professional pilot(s).
  • Flexible timetable, arrive and depart at times that suit you.
  • Visit numerous locations in a single day, or locations not serviced by airlines.
  • No major airport and airline hassles, no early check-in, no security delays. 
  • Free parking available at our base, secure parking by arrangement. 
  • Discuss business in a confidential environment en-route.

Some things to bear in mind with aircraft charter...

  • While we fly to and from most places, aircraft are typically at Camden, Bankstown or Sydney. 
  • Your charter flight cost will include ferrying the aircraft to/from its home port.
  • Flying one way or return, the costs will be similar.
  • Aircraft charter is about convenience and flexibility. If you can obtain a discount airline fare to your destination it will typically be more cost efficient.

Your quote will include the following...

  • Aircraft flying costs including crew, fuel and maintenance.
  • Passenger and cargo insurance.
  • Crew wages while away from base and not flying.
  • Crew meals, accommodation and ground transportation.  
  • Aircraft ferrying cost from its home port (typically Camden) to your departure point, and back from your destination.

Charter Flight Quotes

Click here to obtain a personalised quote on a charter flight.

If you have any questions about chartering an aircraft you should read our FAQ or contact us to ask a question.