Airborne Aviation Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about chartering an aircraft with Airborne Aviation.

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Are there any limitations on where I can go in a charter aircraft?

You can be flown to most places in Australia if they have a runway that is suitable to the type of aircraft you are chartering.

Is chartering an aircraft expensive?

If you can obtain a discounted ticket on a regional or domestic airline it will almost always be more cost effective. Aircraft charter is about convenience, going to the locations you need at the times you want.

Can we charter an aircraft one-way?

Absolutely, however the aircraft needs to return to its home base and you will effectively pay for the flight in both directions unless someone is looking to do the reverse of your journey on the same day you plan to fly.

How much notice do I need to book a charter?

We can organise a charter in as little as an hour, however to ensure pilot and aircraft availability you should book as far in advance as possible - we're normally kept fairly busy!

Does the cost change with the number of people on the flight?

The cost of the charter is based on the size of the aircraft being used - irrespective of the number of passengers carried.

Are there additional charges after the trip is completed?

Typically you will received a fixed price quote up front unless you elect to to pay by the hour, in which case an estimate would be provided. Should you change your travel plans (times, destinations) while we are performing the charter additional charges may apply.

How many pilots will be flying the aircraft?

You will be provided with a professionally trained and experienced commercial pilot who operates under the guidance of the chief pilot. We can provide you with a quote for two pilots if you require.

How long can we have the aircraft away with us?

The aircraft (and pilot) can remain away with you for as long as you like. You will be charged a daily/hourly fee to have the aircraft and pilot away from home base.


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