Airborne Aviation Hands-on Flying!

Take the controls and experience the thrill of flying for yourself!

Hands-On Flying!

Under the expert guidance of a qualified flying instructor you can take to the air in one of our many aircraft available for hands-on flights. We have a number of modern purpose-built training aircraft, as well as experiences that offer you flying time in vintage and aerobatic aircraft.

If you have an interest in learning to fly our Flying School can provide flight instruction up to a Commercial Pilot Licence standard.

Hands-On Flight Options

To find out more about any of the hands-on flights we offer click on the links below..


Cessna 172

Cessna 172
New model
30 & 45 min options

$215-$320 Purchase Gift Certificate


Bellanca Citabria
2 seat tail wheel
configuration aircraft

$205 Purchase Gift Certificate

Piper Tomahawk

Piper Tomahawk
2 seat basic
training aircraft

$205 Purchase Gift Certificate


Gift vouchers are available and may make the perfect gift for someone you know!


If you have any questions please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact us.