Airborne Aviation Licensing Costs

Prices are current as of 1st May 2018 and are subject to change. Unless otherwise noted prices listed below exclude GST.

Our Charges

Structured course pricing including detailed breakdowns can be found in our Courses section.

The hourly rates for hire and training in our aircraft can be found in our Aircraft section.

Instructor hourly rates are as follows:

  • Instructor (Standard) - $90.91
  • Instructor (IFR / Multi-engine) - $118.18
  • Instructor (Own Aircraft) - $118.18

Some courses and lessons attract charges for briefings. Hourly rates are as follows:

  • Classroom Theory (RPL, BAK) - $ 60
  • Classroom Theory (PPL, NVFR, Basic ratings) - $60
  • Classroom Theory (CPL, Multi, IFR, Advanced) - $60

Flight tests conducted by the Flight Examiner are charged as follows (aircraft private hire rate applies):

  • Recreational Pilot Licence - $454.55
  • Private Pilot Licence - $545.45
  • NVFR Rating - $545.45
  • Commercial Pilot Licence - $727.27
  • Instructor Rating (Initial Issue) - $636.36
  • Instructor Rating (Renewal) - $500

External Charges

These charges are determined by external individuals/organisations and are passed on by Airborne Aviation.

Flight Test Fees

  • Instrument Rating (Initial Issue) - $636.36
  • Instrument Rating (Renewal) - $500


  • Typical Doctor Fee - $200 inc
  • CASA Processing Fee - $75 inc

Security Checks

  • Initial ASIC (Aviation Security Identification Card) Application - $223 inc

Licence Fees

  • RPL Licence Issue - $50 inc
  • PPL Licence Issue - $60 inc
  • CPL Licence Issue - $80 inc
  • Licence Reprint - $25 inc

Airport landing charges and movement fees are user-pays and found in our Aircraft section.

GST Free Flying

By providing us with a letter stating that you would like to undertake pilot training to a commercial (CPL) standard all your flying will be GST free.

If you had only considered obtaining your private pilot licence (PPL) here are some reasons why you might consider undertaking a commercial pilot licence course:

  • GST free flying up to 150 hours, including recreational flying!
  • Most of your flying as a Private Pilot can be put towards a CPL
  • Increased flying proficiency and knowledge - helping make you a better pilot
  • A number of advanced ratings can be obtained within the 150 hours
  • There is no set time period to obtain a CPL - do it at your own pace 

Your instructor will talk to you about these options at the beginning of your training. 


Most commonly asked questions can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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