Airborne Aviation Trial Instructional Flights

A 30 minute Trial Instructional Flight ('TIF') allows you allows you to take controls of the aircraft under the close supervision of a professionally trained flying instructor.

Trial Instructional Flight - Sydney, Australia

You will feel what it is like to take the controls and fly!

A Trial Instructional Flight includes:

  • A look through our facilities
  • Your own instructor who can answer any questions you may have
  • A hands-on preflight inspection
  • A basic explanation of the aircraft instruments and controls
  • A guided lesson on how to taxi the aircraft
  • Flying the aircraft under the guidance of your instructor
  • 30 minutes that can be logged and counted towards a pilot licence
  • A debriefing on completion and an opportunity for you to ask further questions

As Australia's only authorised Cessna Pilot Centre we able to offer you a trial flight and subsequent pilot training in current generation Cessna aircraft.

Gift Vouchers are available and may be the perfect gift for someone you know.

Trial Flight Costs

We have a number of aircraft options available.


Cessna 172

Cessna 172
New model
30 & 45 min options

$215-$320 Purchase Gift Certificate


Bellanca Citabria
2 seat tail wheel
configuration aircraft

$205 Purchase Gift Certificate

Piper Tomahawk

Piper Tomahawk
2 seat basic
training aircraft

$205 Purchase Gift Certificate


If you are simply interested in getting up there and seeing what it feels like to take the controls and fly we have a number of other flight experiences available - see Hands-On Joy Flights!

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