Airborne Aviation Area Solo Quiz #2

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge prior to your pre-area solo written examination.

Question 1

You are climbing with one magneto that is unserviceable. What is the effect on climb performance?

With one magneto failed the engine is not operating as efficiently. As a result power and thrust are reduced, resulting in less performance for both angle and rate of climb.

Question 2

The maximum speed an aircraft is permitted to fly is abbreviated as:

VNE is "Velocity Never Exceed" and should not be exceeded in any circumstances.

Question 3

During a level steep turn, the load factor:

The load factor during a level 60° angle of bank turn is 2.0g.

Question 4

An increase in parasite drag would result from which of the following actions?

Parasite drag increases with speed. Parasite drag is made up of form drag, skin friction and interference drag.

Question 5

In your before takeoff checks you notice that there is no RPM drop when carburettor heat is moved to "ON". What is the most likely cause?

You will always see a drop in RPM during your before take-off checks even on a hot day or when the engine is cold.

Question 6

The load factor (G force) that an average person might start to "grey out" is:

G tolerance varies from person to person. If you start to grey out, or black out, you should reduce load factor promptly. Failure to do so may result in loss of consciousness.

Question 7

One of the early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning is a:

A slight headache is one of the earliest symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you suspect a problem you should turn off any cabin heating, ventilate the cabin, and land as soon as possible.

Question 8

What colour is AVGAS 100LL when sampled?

Referring to your aircraft flight manual you will find that most single-engine piston aircraft can be filled with AVGAS 100 (green) or 100LL (blue). In Australia most AVGAS fuel bowsers supply 100LL which "low lead", however green AVGAS 100 is acceptable in locations that cannot supply AVGAS 100LL.

Question 9

As a student pilot (pre-GFPT) how many hours are you permitted to fly solo before a dual check must be carried out?

A maximum of three hours solo flight is permitted before a dual check must be undertaken. In practice this limitation is not reached at Airborne Aviation as your instructor will perform checks and/or training between solo exercises.

Question 10

You're in flight and there is a glider approaching on your right at the same level, you should:

Climb over and above the glider

Powered aircraft must always give way to gliders.

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