Airborne Aviation Meteorology Quiz #1

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of aviation meteorology.

Question 1

A wind in a terminal area forecast expressed as VRB30G45 would:

Be improbable, since variable wind directions are only associated with light winds and high pressure systems


Question 2

The validity of a METAR is:

A METAR is a report, not a forecast.

Question 3

The wind direction is given in degrees:

Refer to AIP GEN 3.5

Question 4

In a METAR for YAAA, the figures quoted immediately before the QNH read 9/8, and at YBBB they read 10/8. This means that, at place YAAA, the dry bulb is 9C and the:

The closer the dry bulb to the dew point (the spread), the more likely fog is to form.

Question 5

A TAF includes the following:

INTER 0710/0714 2000 -SHSN

This forecasts, between the times indicated:

Refer to AIP GEN 3.5

Question 6

The validity period of an aerodrome forecast is from 0000Z on the 1st to 0600Z on the 2nd. In the forecast this is written:

Refer to AIP GEN 3.5

Question 7

In a TAF, the term FU VV030 means:

Refer to AIP GEN 3.5

Question 8

Observed intermediate QNH values are rounded:

Refer to AIP GEN 3.5 - Terrain clearance is thus slightly greater.

Question 9

When cruising below the transition layer (10,000') you can set a local QNH of a station along the route provided it is within:

Refer to AIP ENR 1.7

Question 10

A TAF commences and finishes as follows:

TAF YCOM 070635Z 0708/0720 ... Q 1020 1021 1019 1018

The forecast QNH for time 071320 is:


Refer to AIP GEN 3.5 - The period of validity if 90 minutes each side of the point forecasts.

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