Airborne Aviation Pre-Solo Quiz #1

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge prior to your pre-solo theory examination.

Question 1

What is the minimum height that an aircraft may commence a turn in the circuit direction after take-off?

Refer CAR 166. Note that if required for obstacle or terrain clearance an early turn is permitted.

Question 2

If a balance ball is indicating right of centre you should apply:

Remember - "Tread on the ball!"

Question 3

If your aircraft was to enter a spiral dive to effect recovery you should:

Prompt action will prevent the aircraft from over-speeding and minimise forces on pilot and passengers.

Question 4

What effect will turning have on climb performance?

Reference: insert ref here

Question 5

If an aircraft has a stall speed (Vs) of 40 KIAS in level flight the stall speed during a level 60° angle of bank turn with all other variables remaining unchanged would be closest to:

The angle of bank determines the extra lift required to support the weight (g). 60° AOB equates to 2g, the square root of 2 is approximately 1.4, which is the multiplication factor required to determine the the increase in Vs.

Question 6

Under what circumstances is carburettor ice likely to form?

Carby ice has been known to form in temperatures as high as 30°C if the humidity is high and power is low.

Question 7

Which of the following instruments might be affected by a vacuum system failure?

The attitude indicator (artificial horizon) is the only gyroscopic instrument listed. Gyroscopic instruments can be powered by vacuum or electricity.

Question 8

Which of the following would result in a decreased rate of climb?

Rate of climb is independent of wind.

Question 9

If a fuel gauge indicates 12 US gallons in a fuel tank and it is properly calibrated you would expect to see how many litres on your dipstick?

1 US gallon = 3.78 litres

Question 10

If the elevator control is abruptly pulled fully aft at cruise speed - how does the aeroplane respond?

A stall will occur at a lower speed than normal

Stalling is all about angle of attack and not about airspeed. The aircraft can stall at any airspeed if you demand an angle of attack exceeding the critical angle.

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