Airborne Aviation VFR Operations Quiz #1

This quiz is designed to test the knowledge of private and commercial pilot licence holders.

Question 1

When carrying out a straight-in approach at a non-towered aerodrome, a pilot should make broadcasts on final at:


Question 2

I n the vicinity of a non-towered aerodrome in G airspace, the standard broadcast format is:


Question 3

Endurance for a flight of 80 minute duration, a 45 minute reserve and 30 minutes margin would be entered in NAIPS as:

The endurance is expressed in a four-figure HHMM group.

Question 4

A cruising level of 5,000ft is:

The relaxation of the hemispherical rule applies below A050 but not at A050 (AIP ENR 1.7).

Question 5

If the static port of an aircraft became blocked during a climb, the vertical speed indicator would:

The bleed within the instrument would equalise the pressures either side of the capsule, resulting in a zero reading.

Question 6

As a private pilot you intend to conduct a day VFR flight carrying passengers. In the past 4 months you have conducted two cross country flights each of 2 hours with no intermediate landings. With regard to the recent experience requirements you:

with care

Refer CAR 5.82

Question 7

A METAR with remarks “RF02.0/004.0” indicates that:

Refer to AIP GEN 3.5

Question 8

If RPM increases slightly on applying carburettor heat during pre-takeoff checks, a possible explanation is:

The engine will therefore not develop full power.

Question 9

If the wind from the area forecast was 200/20, a planned flight on a track of 195(M) in an area where the magnetic variation was 10E, could expect:

The ARFOR gives winds in degrees true (T) so wind on plan would be 190(M)/20.

Question 10

The maximum speed at which full control deflection may be applied is termed the:


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