Airborne Aviation Camden CTAF Quiz #2

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of Camden CTAF procedures.

Question 1

On what frequency could you obtain wind and QNH information for Camden when CTAF procedures apply?

121.9 MHz

Refer to AIP ERSA. AWIS is available on 125.1 MHz outside tower hours.

Question 2

Camden CTAF has an AFRU (Automatic Frequency Response Unit). When making a radio call inbound you hear the response "Camden Aerodrome" after your transmission, this indicates:

Refer to AIP GEN 3.4 paragraph 3.4 - "Camden Aerodrome" indicates that no transmissions (of 2 seconds or longer) have been made in the preceding 5 minutes and that your transmission has been received by the CTAF. You would not expect other aircraft to be operating at the aerodrome however you should maintain a good lookout.

Question 3

You are planning on reporting inbound at Picton and flying direct to the aerodrome. At what altitude should you approach Camden?

Refer to AIP ERSA. You must not fly below 2,300ft through the glider circuit, generally we'd recommend flying Picton to The Oaks and reporting from there to stay well clear of the glider area.

Question 4

When tracking inbound to Camden during daylight hours VMC while CTAF procedures apply. Which statement is correct with regard to approach points as specified in AIP ERSA?

Refer to AIP ERSA

Question 5

You hear a helicopter report that they are downwind in the circuit during daylight hours. At what altitude would you expect to see the helicopter?

800 ft

Refer to AIP ERSA

Question 6

You are flying a high performance twin-engine aircraft, what circuit altitude should you fly at Camden?

Refer to AIP ERSA.

Question 7

You are in the runway 24 run-up bay and are ready to taxi towards the runway. An aircraft that has just landed approaches on your left, you should:

You must always give way to an aircraft exiting a runway.

Question 8

You are planning to fly inbound to Camden via The Oaks. What would be the most sensible altitude to report inbound to Camden?

Refer to AIP ERSA. The Oaks ALA is beneath in the inbound reporting point at 880 ft AMSL. We would recommend over flying at least 500 ft above the circuit altitude (a minimum altitude 2,400ft) to ensure you are not in conflict with operations at The Oaks.

Question 9

You are overhead Camden and notice a horizontal white dumbbell adjacent to the primary windsock, this indicates that:

Refer to AIP AD 1.1 paragraph 3.13 - At Camden a NOTAM should be issued to indicate that grass areas are soft/wet or otherwise closed.

Question 10

What is the elevation of Camden aerodrome?

300 ft

Refer to AIP ERSA.

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